If your furnace is malfunctioning by not igniting or responding to your call for heat, it is good to contact any heating service in North Port, FL. Below are some possible reasons why there might be an issue.

1. Issues with the Thermostat

The first thing to check is that your thermostat is set to the heating function, then ensure that the set temperature is lower than the temperature. If the issues persist, make sure there is a proper connection as there could be a lack of power, low batteries, or the entire thermostat needing replacement. If the fan inside responds to your inputs, then the thermostat is functioning properly.

2. Dirty Filter

Clogged filters can disrupt the flow of hot air when airflow is obstructed through the entire system due to built-up dust. Due to safety reasons, the furnace can automatically turn off if it overheats because of restrictions in the exchanger. Changing and cleaning the air filter frequently can prolong its life and make maintenance easier.

3. Exterior Vent

Check for any debris or foliage on the vent as some furnaces have the vents fixed outside, preventing proper airflow and functioning. Prevent any birds or rodents from making a nest in the corner openings of the vent.

4. Blower

If the light in the inspection window is not lit up or is red or if the furnace is making loud noises, the issue may be your blower. In that case, it is wise to contact a heating service as the underlying issue can be a costly affair.

5. Breaker

Ensure that the breaker is in good shape as the heater can be turned off sometimes when the circuit breaker trips, which can happen due to various reasons. Also, take a look at the switch at your furnace, which can be switched off accidentally, and confirm that no one turned it off purposely.

6. Pilot Light

If your pilot light does not ignite your furnace, there can be an issue with the assembly or the sensor that would require professional heating repair in North Port, FL.

7. Settings

If your system is run by a program or software, ensure the correct temperature and the connections as some software rely on wifi to control the furnace. Check the app for any new software updates or to see if your thermostat is outdated.

8. Electrical

The thermostat can lose connection with the furnace due to loose connections, frayed wires, and aged wires. Along with the wires, check the circuit breaker in the electrical breaker panel and ensure that the red emergency switch is on. Anything more complicated than a tripped fuse calls for professional attention.

Regular maintenance can save you the trouble and costs of a broken furnace. Figuring out furnace malfunctions can be a stressful and cold affair, but the skilled professionals at Air Technicians, Inc. can serve you with expert services. For hassle-free repairs and maintenance, contact us at (941) 764-8324.