Air conditioners have become one of the most often used appliances, particularly during the summer. The obvious cause for this is the extreme heat during these months. An air conditioner has several modes for all temperature levels. Which setting is the most appropriate for the summer? Where can you get air conditioning repair in North Port, FL?

Air Conditioner Modes For Summer

1. Cool Mode

The cool mode is an energy-efficient setting for an air conditioner. In this mode, the air conditioner turns on the compressor and allows air to circulate within a room. However, when the desired temperature is reached, the compressor is shut off and only runs on fan mode. The duration for which the compressor runs solely depends on the temperature of the air conditioner. The compressor will run for a longer time if the temperature is low.

2. Fan Mode

The fan mode operates in the same way as a standard fan. It does not, however, circulate any cold air. The sole aim of this mode is to preserve energy by preventing the compressor from being turned on. With the compressor turned off, the fan mode allows an air conditioner to run continuously.

3. Dry Mode

The dry mode is the preferred choice when the temperature in your surroundings is not too high but rather humid. The dry mode is commonly used for removing extra humidity within a room. The compressor is turned on and off depending on the humidity levels. However, the fan runs continuously at a low speed. When the air conditioner detects low humidity levels, it turns off the compressor.

4. Auto Mode

The auto mode uses a fixed temperature to turn the compressor on or off. The compressor and fan of an air conditioner are adjusted to obtain the desired temperature using this mode. This cycle repeats until the temperature of the room is the same as the temperature adjusted.

5. Eco-Mode

The eco mode is the best mode amongst all and is the highly used one. This mode helps in reducing the energy consumption of an air conditioner by adjusting the fan and compressor accordingly. The compressor of an air conditioner is turned off when the desired temperature is obtained. However, the fan will continue to run.

6. Turbo Mode

The turbo mode is intended to achieve the necessary temperatures as quickly as possible. This mode uses maximum power and consumes a lot of energy to run the compressor and fan. However, it is advisable to use this mode only when the air conditioner has to run for short durations.

7. Sleep Mode

The cool mode and the sleep mode of an air conditioner function together. The sleep mode aims at gradually increasing the temperature of your room. This mode is a good option for less power consumption.

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