When purchasing a new AC, it’s anything but a proper size to deal with your cooling needs. Be that as it may, how would you decide the right AC unit size you need to cool your home productively?

To begin with, how about we see how air conditioning system sizes are determined. An AC unit’s cooling limit is estimated in tons based on the number of British Thermal Units (BTU) it can eliminate inside 60 minutes. For instance, a one-ton unit can eliminate 12,000 BTU, and a two-ton unit can eliminate 24,000 BTU, and so on. These start at 1.5 tons and go up in half-ton increments. You can utilize some broad rules depending on the area of your home to get an approximate unit size you may require.

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Things to Consider Before Settling on an AC Size

  • The measure of insulation in your home is a key consideration since it can influence your home’s capacity to keep up with its temperature. If your home is all around insulated, you probably will not require as much heating or cooling limit contrasted with one with helpless protection.
  • Another undeniable factor is the environment that your house is in. The Florida state of the USA generally stays quite warm throughout the year, so having a proper sized AC will only add to your comfort.
  • Some different components that impact the size of the air conditioning system that you will require incorporate what kind of lighting you have, how much lighting you have, your sort and amount of ducting, the number of windows and their proficiency, the heat transfer between the dividers, the number of bay windows, the measure of individuals in your home, the sort of establishment your home has, how much the heat transfer through, just as a few different elements.
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How do I calculate the size of the air conditioner required?

There are mainly 3 methods by which you can calculate the size but, some of them may not be very accurate –

1. By Formula

  • Length of the room – L feet
  • Width of the room – W feet
  • Size of AC required – L*W*25

This would give you a minimum size of AC required but is very rough and doesn’t consider every room component.

2. By using Online Calculator

It can also be very useful. It can consider various other factors like the weather in your area also.

3. By calling a Professional

The most exact approach to finding the cooling limit you will require for your house is by getting an expert to come in and calculate it.

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