What will happen if you do not take a bath daily? Or if you do not brush your teeth daily?

Something similar is going to happen when you don’t clean your AC coils.

Cleaning AC coils is just as important as taking a bath or brushing your teeth. And if not done it can be a great deal. Living without AC in summers is just like a nightmare, and why experience it when you have air conditioning repair north port fl.

Below are the harms that you are doing to your AC if you are not cleaning its coils regularly. While if you have already done this to your AC, ac service, in north port fl can help you out. If you do not clean your AC coils regularly you are indirectly planning your AC’s demise.

1. Dust Jams
Not cleaning the AC coils regularly may result in the collection of a lot of dirt and dust particles all around the internal system of the air conditioner. This dirt can also enter the moving parts such as fan motors and valves, which may eventually lead to the burnout of the whole system. Since a choked system will require a lot of power to work, it can lead to the destruction of the AC.

2. Freezing Up
If your AC is not giving out the soothing chill air, then surely something is wrong with it. One reason behind this would be the freezing up of the coils. The dust collected in the system might have stopped the flow of air, which caused the freezing of ice in the coils. These frozen coils can affect the entire system of the air conditioner, which may lead to its malfunctioning.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality
Having poor air quality might be a result of a bad air conditioner. Filters that are clogged can cause allergies, build up in the duct system, which subsequently releases into the air you breathe every time the system is turned on. Apart from this poor air quality can also cause you several other problems like breathlessness and high stress levels.

4. Overheating
When the condenser coil becomes filthy, it obstructs heat transmission, which is necessary for effective cooling. It makes the compressor work harder, raising the total operating temperature of the device and decreasing its life over time. All this is a result of dirty AC coils and can lead to the overheating of the system.

As a consequence, it’s a good idea to change or upgrade your air filter right now. It simply takes a few minutes and has a tremendous impact.

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