The utilization of air conditioners during summers is extensive. So for the system to continue to work in a top-notch condition, maintenance and tune-ups are a must. You will realize that you have delayed the regular tune-up of your air conditioner when it starts acting strange. By strange, it means that you might hear strange noises or get foul smells from the system.

Delaying air conditioner tune-ups causes lasting damage to the system, increased electricity bills, and eventually leading to costly repairs. To get a tune-up for your AC system from a professional company, look for air conditioning repair in North Port, FL, or air conditioning tune-up in North Port, FL.

Signs Hinting That Your AC Requires A Tune-Up

Apart from foul odor and strange sounds, several other signs given by an air conditioner indicate that it needs a tune-up. Various other warning signs include –

  • Strange Sounds From The System

It is only natural that an old AC makes noises whenever it is in use. But if you hear noises other than the usual ones, it means that the system needs a tune-up. The different sounds by the system when something is wrong include an alarming bang, a whistle, a hissing sound, or a buzz.

  • Inconsistent Cooling

Instead of cool air, if your air conditioner is blowing warm or room temperature air, it is not fulfilling its motive. Air filters are an important part of the air conditioner because the conditioned air flows into the room through them.

If the air filter is clogged with dirt or grime, it reduces the optimal functioning of the air conditioner. Other reasons for the AC to not cool properly may be low refrigerant levels, electrical problems, etc.

  • Water Leaking From The AC

Leakage of water in air conditioners is generally due to a blocked drain pipe or a refrigerant leak. Refrigerants help generate conditioned air, causing condensation while working. If the refrigerant is not working efficiently, it could cause leaks around the AC unit. To prevent such leaks, a well-timed AC tune-up is necessary.

What Does An AC Tune-Up Include?

Regular maintenance is important for the air conditioner to stay in excellent condition. Lack of regular AC tune-up will lead to ineffective functioning eventually, causing the system to break down. You can get a tune-up done for your air conditioner by calling a professional HVAC company. An AC tune-up is generally known as clean and check, and it includes –

  • Inspection Of Electrical Components

The contactors and capacitors are inspected for any wear and tear.

  • Inspection Of Refrigerant Levels

If there is a leak, it can mean the system has a low refrigerant level.

  • Adjusting Fan Balance

An inappropriate balance of the fan can hinder heat dispersion.

  • Cleaning The Drain Pan

The moisture dissipated from your home is accumulated in the drain pan.

  • Lubrication

Lubrication of fans, motors, and other moving parts in the system is necessary to reduce wear and tear.

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