Buying an AC means recurring expenses on servicing, repairing, and routine checkups. Similarly, we, as air conditioner owners, have to face a handful of expenses. Sometimes we have to call a technician for its annual servicing, sometimes there is the need to repair any component or equipment of the air conditioner, and sometimes the whole unit needs to be changed.

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The most common type of expense from an air conditioner is repairing and replacing. Continuous usage of air conditioners causes its sensitive components to face major wear and tear. If not taken care of, these faulty components can harm the whole unit resulting in unavoidable expenses.

Parts of a Unit

There are many components in an air conditioner, like a capacitor, a condenser, refrigerant, coils, vents, pumps, etc. All these components face damage when the unit works for long hours regularly. Owners have to face recurring expenses for the repairing, servicing, and maintenance of these components.

The Contactor

One such component is a contactor. It is an electrical transmitter that takes care of the flow of electricity in your air conditioner’s different devices and parts. So, it is a crucial part of the whole unit. If it gets any fault or error, the whole electricity supply disrupts, resulting in the malfunctioning of the unit.

Damaged AC Contactor

The air conditioner can face many damages and problems if the contactor faces any damage. The unit may break down, and this breaking down is called pitting. Pitting occurs due to severe voltage experience to the contactor.

A faulty contactor can cause the system to lose its efficiency in cooling the house. This will cause the air conditioner to work harder than usual to cool the house, and it will, in turn, raise your electricity bills. Insects, dirt, and debris can also cause damage to the contactor.

A damaged contactor has many indications which you can pick out. There may be some continuous clattering sounds that were not there before, the plastic case of the contactor may melt due to excess heat, or there may be an unknown humming sound while switching on the air conditioner.


If the damage is small, your technician can simply repair the contactor and put it back into the unit. But if the damage caused is not repairable, your technician will ask you to buy a new contactor.

A new contractor costs you between $150 – $350 according to the system and its specifications. If your unit is small and comparatively old, the new contractor will be cheaper. But if your unit is the latest model, you might have to spend a little more on it.

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