What Does An AC Tune-Up Include?

The utilization of air conditioners during summers is extensive. So for the system to continue to work in a top-notch condition, maintenance and tune-ups are a must. You will realize that you have delayed the regular tune-up of your air conditioner when it starts acting strange. By strange, it means that you might hear strange noises or get foul smells from the system.

Delaying air conditioner tune-ups causes lasting damage to the system, increased electricity bills, and eventually leading to costly repairs. To get a tune-up for your AC system from a professional company, look for air conditioning repair in North Port, FL, or air conditioning tune-up in North Port, FL.

Signs Hinting That Your AC Requires A Tune-Up

Apart from foul odor and strange sounds, several other signs given by an air conditioner indicate that it needs a tune-up. Various other warning signs include –

  • Strange Sounds From The System

It is only natural that an old AC makes noises whenever it is in use. But if you hear noises other than the usual ones, it means that the system needs a tune-up. The different sounds by the system when something is wrong include an alarming bang, a whistle, a hissing sound, or a buzz.

  • Inconsistent Cooling

Instead of cool air, if your air conditioner is blowing warm or room temperature air, it is not fulfilling its motive. Air filters are an important part of the air conditioner because the conditioned air flows into the room through them.

If the air filter is clogged with dirt or grime, it reduces the optimal functioning of the air conditioner. Other reasons for the AC to not cool properly may be low refrigerant levels, electrical problems, etc.

  • Water Leaking From The AC

Leakage of water in air conditioners is generally due to a blocked drain pipe or a refrigerant leak. Refrigerants help generate conditioned air, causing condensation while working. If the refrigerant is not working efficiently, it could cause leaks around the AC unit. To prevent such leaks, a well-timed AC tune-up is necessary.

What Does An AC Tune-Up Include?

Regular maintenance is important for the air conditioner to stay in excellent condition. Lack of regular AC tune-up will lead to ineffective functioning eventually, causing the system to break down. You can get a tune-up done for your air conditioner by calling a professional HVAC company. An AC tune-up is generally known as clean and check, and it includes –

  • Inspection Of Electrical Components

The contactors and capacitors are inspected for any wear and tear.

  • Inspection Of Refrigerant Levels

If there is a leak, it can mean the system has a low refrigerant level.

  • Adjusting Fan Balance

An inappropriate balance of the fan can hinder heat dispersion.

  • Cleaning The Drain Pan

The moisture dissipated from your home is accumulated in the drain pan.

  • Lubrication

Lubrication of fans, motors, and other moving parts in the system is necessary to reduce wear and tear.

We at Air Technicians Inc. provide thorough tune-up services for your air conditioner. To get connected with one of our professional technicians, look for air conditioning repair in North Port, FL, or air conditioning tune-up in North Port, FL.

How To Tell If My AC Fuse Is Blown?

Life is good while you are indoors enjoying the cool air of your air conditioner. It is in such times that your air conditioner decides to stall and shuts down. Before contemplating all the possible issues causing your air conditioner to break down, look for a blown fuse.

By and large, a blown fuse causes the system to stop blowing cold air and give out a humming noise. The fuse of an air conditioner is similar to the circuit breaker of an electrical panel. To get the blown fuse of your air conditioner repaired at the hands of a professional, look for an AC repair in Port Charlotte or an AC replacement in Port Charlotte.

What Causes The AC Fuse To Blow?

Utilization of any electrical appliances, with no rest for the system, causes it to break down. During summers, when the temperature is hot beyond limits, the air conditioner struggles to maintain the cool temperature in your home. When the air conditioner is constantly working, the load on the system increases, heating the units past the tolerance level.

To prevent the AC system from having any permanent damage due to overusing and overheating, the fuse blows or the circuit breaker trips. A blown fuse is a precautionary measure by the system to prevent any damage to the machinery.

In case of extreme heating of the system or power surge, the filament within the fuse melts, as the fuse is sensitive to heat. When the filament of the fuse melts, it causes the fuse to blow. When the fuse blows, it reduces the damage to the system by cutting its power supply.

The design of a fuse enables it to withstand a load of specified amperes only. When the voltage increases beyond the amperage capacity, it causes the fuse to blow.

How To Tell If The AC Fuse Is Blown?

The first thing you might notice if the fuse of the air conditioner is blown is that the outdoor unit of the system stops functioning. When the furnace expects the AC to keep running despite the lack of power, it might cause a slight humming noise. While looking for any other reasons for a blown fuse, the minor humming noise is the extent.

How To Check For A Blown Fuse?

If you do not have a basic understanding of the electrical system of an air conditioner, checking for a blown fuse yourself might be risky. In most cases, current will still be flowing through the wires, and if handled carelessly, you might get a shock or a strong jolt. Well-known HVAC companies advise getting professional help in such situations. Look for AC repair in Port Charlotte or AC replacement in Port Charlotte for a visit from a reliable technician.

If you are trying to decipher the problem yourself, ensure to take the necessary precautions and safety protocols.
We at Air Technicians, Inc. aim to provide you with excellent services and replacements for your air conditioner through our team of skilled electricians. Contact us today to book an appointment and learn more!

Why Is My AC Outdoor Not Working?

Air conditioners are delicate electrical appliances consisting of indoor and outdoor units. Both these units are equally necessary for the systematic functioning of the air conditioner. Sometimes when the air conditioner fails to work efficiently, you might conclude that something is wrong with the indoor unit.

However, since it is exposed to so many factors outside, there are high possibilities of something being wrong with the outdoor unit. Suppose if your air conditioner is not cooling at the desired temperature, In that case, it may be because both the sides of the system, indoor and outdoor, cannot operate in coordination if you wish for a professional to check on your air conditioner, lookup, AC repair near me, or AC repair in North Port, FL.

Problems Hindering The Air Conditioners’ Cooling

Various factors can contribute to the inefficient cooling of the air conditioner. Here are some tips you can follow when the air conditioner is not cooling well –

  • Ensure the AC hasn’t turned off. Sometimes the on-off switch present on the small box, close to the outdoor unit, switches off by itself.
  • If the breaker for the outside unit is tripped, it can damage the equipment. To ensure it is not tripped, check the breaker in the circuit box of your home. If it is tripped, switch it off completely, and turn it back on. If this occurs repetitively, you might want to call in a technician.
  • Check if the thermostat is set to ‘cool’ and if the cooling temperature is lower than the room temperature. If there is an issue with the thermostat, then your indoor AC unit might also be malfunctioning.

Generally, a broken compressor, a part of the outdoor unit, is responsible for the breakdown of the outside unit. This problem requires a proper repair or even a warrant for system replacement.

Do not consider replacing only the outdoor unit if its compressor or condenser unit is faulty. Avoid mixing and matching indoor and outdoor parts of an air conditioner, as getting an integrated system is much better as it yields both performance and efficiency.

Several other issues leading to the shutting down of the outdoor parts may include freezing of the coils, electrical problems, a complication in the refrigerant line, or malfunctioning of the condenser fan. You can request assistance from an experienced technician by looking for AC repair in North Port, FL.

How To Minimize Issues Concerning The AC Outdoor Unit?

Like every other electrical equipment, an air conditioner also requires regular maintenance for the indoor and outdoor parts. It helps in reducing the malfunctioning of the internal components and assures efficient working of the air conditioner. The regular maintenance includes performing simple procedures like replacing the air filter, keeping the vents and registers clean, etc.

We at Air Technicians, Inc. provide excellent and reliable services and repair for your air conditioner. If you have any questions concerning your AC system, feel free to contact us. To request a visit from one of our skilled technicians, look for AC repair near me or AC repair in North Port, FL, and contact us today!

What Is The Most Cost-effective Way To Run Your Air Conditioner?

An air conditioner is an essential commodity in summers for every resident of North Port Florida. The sweltering heat, especially during summers, makes it quite tough to survive without a cooling unit.

However, it incurs a lot of energy if it doesn’t work efficiently. And if you are concerned about your surging electricity bills, you might wonder what the most cost-effective way to run an air conditioner is. Fortunately, we have got you covered with the following tips:

Lookout For Leaks

Some old homes tend to let out air outside. This can happen because of patchy seals in doors and windows, insufficiently insulated attics, and other overlooked cracks in the house.

A home energy audit with your contractor can help determine the extent to which your house is retaining the cold. After you sign up for the energy audit, a certified home energy auditor will examine your house to notice any leaks. They will also suggest ways of saving energy at home.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats help in saving energy while you are not at home. They work by automatically adjusting the temperature settings based on your schedule. You can also remotely adjust the settings through an app. If you don’t own a smart thermostat, it’s never too late to upgrade to one.

For smart thermostats, you can go for popular brands like Ecobee and Nest or buy one that suits your budget.

Make Sure The Thermostat is Placed Properly

The performance of your air conditioner has a lot to do with the placement of the thermostat. That is why choosing the correct wall to place the thermostat is important. For example, it is not recommended to place it near a window that lets in heat. Doing so might result in overworking the air conditioner as it will perceive the room to be much hotter than it actually is.

Use The Blinds

Closing the blinds prevents heating the thermostat and keeps the indoor air cool during the hottest afternoons.

We recommend closing the blinds during parts of the day when the sun is harsh.

Use a Fan

As creatures of habit, we are all guilty of switching on the air conditioner even in fairly tolerable weather conditions. We can save an appreciable amount of energy by using the fan instead. They cool the room sufficiently during times of the day, like early morning.

Increase The Temperature

Setting the thermostat to the highest temperature can reduce energy costs considerably. Programmable thermostats can regulate the AC temperature depending upon whether you’re at home or not.

The Nebraska Energy Office has estimated a substantial 10% saving on energy bills by setting the thermostat at 10-15 degrees higher every day for 8 hours. Saving energy not only cuts costs but also ensures a sustainable future.

Get in Touch

We hope these tips help in making your AC more energy-efficient, thus lowering your energy bills considerably.
If you’re looking for AC repair service and air conditioning tune-up in North Port, FL, you can reach out to Air Technicians Inc. We provide excellent servicing, maintenance, and installation of ACs and other HVAC systems in North Port Florida. Call us today at (941) 764-8324 to know more.

Are New Air Conditioners More Efficient?

A brand new air conditioner blesses our lives in many ways. After years of dealing with your old and worn-out unit, going out and purchasing a new one is an enticing feeling altogether.

We all know that purchasing new ACs requires a significant investment, we expect that our new air conditioners must be more efficient than their old units, but how true is this?

An air conditioner works for about 20 years on average. Even if it is 10-12 years old, you can save around 20-40% of cooling energy costs by purchasing a new and efficient model. If you wish for an AC repair in Port Charlotte, contact Air Tech Inc.

Major Factors Ensuring Maximum Efficiency

While buying a new air conditioner, you should check for some specific features indicating the unit’s energy consumption in the ratio of its effects –

  • The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) should be at least 15. The higher the SEER value, the more is the energy-saving efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • ACS with changeable fan speeds is more efficient than the ones with fixed speeds.
  • Ensure that the system you chose must have a thermal expansion valve to maintain efficiency even with less refrigerant charge.
  • Check for the heat ratio as well. It should be more than 0.7 if you live in humid conditions.
  • The unit should be ENERGY STAR® rated.

Proper Installation

Correct and seamless installation is the first step in ensuring the efficiency of a unit. Several points should be kept in mind, such as –

  • The installer should do a sizing calculation approved by the industry.
  • Check that the ducts do not have any irregular bends or are too lengthy.
  • Ask the installer to check the air ducts for any leakage or holes.
  • Once the installation process is done, verify the airflow through the coil in each room.

Size of The Unit

Your old air conditioner may not be working efficiently as it may not be the correct size for your house. A big house needs a big air conditioning unit. A small air conditioner will have to work harder to cool a big house, and so it will face wear and tear quicker than its actual lifespan. Similarly, a small house should have a small air conditioner.

A big air conditioner in a small house can affect the duct and ventilation system of the house, and the electricity bill will rise equally. So, ensure that the air conditioner you wish to buy is of the ideal size for your house.

In House Settings

You can also increase the efficiency of your air conditioner by taking certain measures in your room or house. Seal your windows and doors to ensure proper isolation inside the house. If there is no isolation in the house, the cool air will seep out through the cracks of doors and windows, and the air conditioner will have to work harder and longer to cool the house.

If you wish for an AC replacement in Port Charlotte but cannot find the ideal air conditioner for your house, visit us at Air Tech Inc. Call us now at (941) 764-8324 to schedule a service!

The Cost Of Replacing An AC Contactor

Buying an AC means recurring expenses on servicing, repairing, and routine checkups. Similarly, we, as air conditioner owners, have to face a handful of expenses. Sometimes we have to call a technician for its annual servicing, sometimes there is the need to repair any component or equipment of the air conditioner, and sometimes the whole unit needs to be changed.

We simply search ac repair near me on our phones to get the required services in cases like these.

The most common type of expense from an air conditioner is repairing and replacing. Continuous usage of air conditioners causes its sensitive components to face major wear and tear. If not taken care of, these faulty components can harm the whole unit resulting in unavoidable expenses.

Parts of a Unit

There are many components in an air conditioner, like a capacitor, a condenser, refrigerant, coils, vents, pumps, etc. All these components face damage when the unit works for long hours regularly. Owners have to face recurring expenses for the repairing, servicing, and maintenance of these components.

The Contactor

One such component is a contactor. It is an electrical transmitter that takes care of the flow of electricity in your air conditioner’s different devices and parts. So, it is a crucial part of the whole unit. If it gets any fault or error, the whole electricity supply disrupts, resulting in the malfunctioning of the unit.

Damaged AC Contactor

The air conditioner can face many damages and problems if the contactor faces any damage. The unit may break down, and this breaking down is called pitting. Pitting occurs due to severe voltage experience to the contactor.

A faulty contactor can cause the system to lose its efficiency in cooling the house. This will cause the air conditioner to work harder than usual to cool the house, and it will, in turn, raise your electricity bills. Insects, dirt, and debris can also cause damage to the contactor.

A damaged contactor has many indications which you can pick out. There may be some continuous clattering sounds that were not there before, the plastic case of the contactor may melt due to excess heat, or there may be an unknown humming sound while switching on the air conditioner.


If the damage is small, your technician can simply repair the contactor and put it back into the unit. But if the damage caused is not repairable, your technician will ask you to buy a new contactor.

A new contractor costs you between $150 – $350 according to the system and its specifications. If your unit is small and comparatively old, the new contractor will be cheaper. But if your unit is the latest model, you might have to spend a little more on it.

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