What Do You Do If Your Heater Is Blowing Cold Air?

If your heater suddenly malfunctions by blowing cold air during cold winter months, it can become a tiresome and hectic job to figure out exactly what and how to solve it. Elaborated below are some fixes and checks you can try before reaching out to professional heating contractors in Port Charlotte.

1. Check your Thermostat

If your thermostat fan settings are set to ON, the air coming out might fluctuate as it controls the blower that circulates the air through your home. In that case, the blower will run regardless of the room temperature, therefore ensure that the fan is set to AUTO, so the blower only runs when needed.

If your thermostat is programmable, confirm the settings and inputs. If it runs on batteries, check if they are weak or dead.

2. Relighting the Pilot Light

  • Light the pilot light by setting the thermostat from HEAT to OFF.
  • Use your furnace manual to find the assembly and reset switch, which is usually under your furnace.
  • Wait for 3-5 minutes after turning the switch off, then turn it to “pilot” and press down the knob to restart the gas flow.

Bring a lighter to the pilot opening till the flame lights before turning the knob ON, and your furnace should ignite.

3. Clean the Flame Sensor

A dirty flame sensor may not be able to recognize whether your burners are on, which can prevent them from igniting and letting warm air in. Check the flame sensor to ensure it is clean and without debris.

4. Check the Air Filter

Due to accumulated dirt, air cannot pass smoothly through the filter, for which it will have to overcompensate, resulting in overheating. Cold air will be blown when safety sensors turn it off for safety reasons. Hence regular air filter replacements are essential.

5. Free the Vent from Blockages

Open all your vents and remove any blockages to the air vents that disrupt the flow of air, which leads to overheating, a similar reaction as clogged air filters.

In case of blockages in the PVC pipeline, there may be water pooling around the furnace, causing the furnace to shut down. High-efficiency furnaces condensate water that is drained out, but this water retreats to the furnace in case of blockages, and to prevent water damage, an overflow kill switch shuts down the system.

Broken condensate pumps also cause condensate overflow, which calls for professional assistance.

6. Ring up your Utility Company

Various possibilities can cause the utility company to cut your heat, missing payments, or faulty transmissions, which can easily be solved by ringing up your provider. After verifying that you have no payments due, you may ask for technical help to inspect the issue. Similarly, confirm the same with your connection provider.

Diagnosing and fixing the issue demands patience and expertise, which is hard to muster at times. To ensure warm air in the freezing winters, get in touch with Air Technicians, Inc. Contact us at (941) 764-8324.

Why Is Your Furnace Not Responding To The Thermostat?

If your furnace is malfunctioning by not igniting or responding to your call for heat, it is good to contact any heating service in North Port, FL. Below are some possible reasons why there might be an issue.

1. Issues with the Thermostat

The first thing to check is that your thermostat is set to the heating function, then ensure that the set temperature is lower than the temperature. If the issues persist, make sure there is a proper connection as there could be a lack of power, low batteries, or the entire thermostat needing replacement. If the fan inside responds to your inputs, then the thermostat is functioning properly.

2. Dirty Filter

Clogged filters can disrupt the flow of hot air when airflow is obstructed through the entire system due to built-up dust. Due to safety reasons, the furnace can automatically turn off if it overheats because of restrictions in the exchanger. Changing and cleaning the air filter frequently can prolong its life and make maintenance easier.

3. Exterior Vent

Check for any debris or foliage on the vent as some furnaces have the vents fixed outside, preventing proper airflow and functioning. Prevent any birds or rodents from making a nest in the corner openings of the vent.

4. Blower

If the light in the inspection window is not lit up or is red or if the furnace is making loud noises, the issue may be your blower. In that case, it is wise to contact a heating service as the underlying issue can be a costly affair.

5. Breaker

Ensure that the breaker is in good shape as the heater can be turned off sometimes when the circuit breaker trips, which can happen due to various reasons. Also, take a look at the switch at your furnace, which can be switched off accidentally, and confirm that no one turned it off purposely.

6. Pilot Light

If your pilot light does not ignite your furnace, there can be an issue with the assembly or the sensor that would require professional heating repair in North Port, FL.

7. Settings

If your system is run by a program or software, ensure the correct temperature and the connections as some software rely on wifi to control the furnace. Check the app for any new software updates or to see if your thermostat is outdated.

8. Electrical

The thermostat can lose connection with the furnace due to loose connections, frayed wires, and aged wires. Along with the wires, check the circuit breaker in the electrical breaker panel and ensure that the red emergency switch is on. Anything more complicated than a tripped fuse calls for professional attention.

Regular maintenance can save you the trouble and costs of a broken furnace. Figuring out furnace malfunctions can be a stressful and cold affair, but the skilled professionals at Air Technicians, Inc. can serve you with expert services. For hassle-free repairs and maintenance, contact us at (941) 764-8324.

How Do You Know If Your Furnace Fuse Is Blown?

A blown furnace fuse can cause major failures for your HVAC system and therefore cannot be ignored. A blown fuse can be caused by the overheating of appliances, and to prevent such heating, always be in contact with heating services near me.

A Furnace Fuse is a piece of equipment that preserves electrical appliances from short circuits, making it an important tool for all heavy appliances and requires a periodic check.

Reasons for Blowing of Furnace Fuse

1. Defective Electrification

Wires that are old, of least quality, or badly connected are a threat to the life of the appliance as well as people near to that appliance. Electrification of wires is important, and the task needs to be performed carefully by a professional heating repair near me.

2. Inefficient Maintenance

HVAC appliances, once installed, need periodic maintenance to work efficiently and effectively. Lacking to which the major problem that occurs is dust accumulation on air filters which may head towards overheating and failure of the fuse.

Understand Fuse Blowing Concept

Furnaces need electricity to run. The fuses on the furnace are of low voltage (3 to 5 amps). When it is overloaded than the limit, the fuse blows and prevents the energy from flowing further through the wires of an appliance.

For illustration, it happens at the time of hot summers when AC tries to match the temperature and provide a better cooling effect, to which it requires more heat energy than the capacity of the fuse, which conclusively results in a blow of fuse.

Check Fuse Blown

When a furnace fuse blows, your HVAC unit may not get the electricity that it needs. The foremost sign of a fuse blown is that your AC switches off on its own with a bit of humming noise. Now to check whether it requires heating repair services or not, follow few simple steps-

  1. Disconnect from the main electricity meter board.
  2. Unfold coverings outdoors as well as inner in the meter board vigilantly, which will assist in exposing the live wires, need to be cautious while performing this step.
  3. Turn the voltmeter to 0 or infinity.
  4. Record the reading on the voltmeter. For this, you’ll find 2 sets of wires, i.e., line wires denoting incoming flow and load wires denoting outgoing flow. It should be approximately 200 to 220 volts. Inspect both incoming and outgoing readings. If this is the reading, it ensures the fuse is not blown, and there may be some other problem related to your unit.
  5. If the voltage is not this, the fuse is blown, and the last step includes cautiously replacing the fuse and searching for heating repair services near me.

Heating services are an emergency, so when required such services, do consider hiring Air Technicians, Inc for help. Contact us at (941) 764-8324.

Ways to Ensure You Have Hired The Right AC Service Company

Just like your body does not accept ill-treatment, your air conditioner showcases refusal in the form of breakdowns and failures if it is not maintained properly. Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance appointments, with yearly AC service in Port Charlotte. It needs deep cleaning and thorough inspection to rule out any possibilities of damage. But who should you call for these services?

All of these services are carried out by HVAC professionals and companies, who have in-depth knowledge and information about all kinds of cooling and heating systems. They can flawlessly handle tasks, right from air conditioner installation to air conditioning service in Port Charlotte. However, you cannot trust any AC service company for this job. The person you hire will be entering your house and handling your system, with the equipment you are not well aware of. There are certain factors you need to keep in mind while hiring or ensuring that you are hiring the right HVAC company:

  • Licensed and Certified: Ask your HVAC company to ensure that they possess proper licenses and certifications to work in this industry. License and company certifications prove the authenticity of the company.
  • Certified Technicians: Another way to ensure is by finding out about the team of technicians. The company you hire should have experienced and skilled technicians, with complete professional and practical knowledge about the system. Moreover, the technicians should possess certain certifications like NATE, to ascertain that your system is in good hands.
  • Insurance: The company should be insured to avoid chances of fraud or scams. Additionally, the most important insurance that they should have is Workers’ compensation. If a technician is hurt while working at your home, you will be held responsible unless the contractor has the right insurance coverage.
  • Service Charges of the Company: Compare the service charges of various HVAC companies and then select the company that provides quality services at a good price. This way you can hire an AC service company without spending extensively.
  • 24*7 Availability: Air conditioner damages or failures can appear before you any time of the day or night. The AC service company you hire should provide 24*7 emergency service so that you are not left hanging with a broken air conditioner until the technician arrives.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: While selecting from a list of HVAC companies, reviews and recommendations are a great help. Ask your friends and family to recommend their technicians, who they have been hiring for all their HVAC work. Surf for authentic reviews online and then choose the company which fits all criteria.

Ask the HVAC company all the questions you have in mind, regarding the services you require and the working of the company. It is essential to have all the information about the company you decide to hire. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Air Technician Inc is an HVAC company, offering quality cooling and heating services at a reasonable price. To schedule an AC service in Port Charlotte, contact us on (941) 764-8324 today!

Is Getting a High-Efficiency Air Conditioning System Enough?

Our air conditioners, though extremely necessary, are still a luxury. Not only does the purchase of the system but the repairs and maintenance sessions cost a lot of money. To save money on frequent AC repairs near you, many people opt for high-efficiency air conditioners.

High-efficiency air conditioners are claimed to be beneficial for reducing energy bills in the long run. The operational costs of an efficient system are much lower than a low-efficiency system. People have assumed high-efficiency air conditioners to lead to lesser air conditioning services near you.

If you are thinking of replacing your old system or purchasing a new system, a high-efficiency air conditioner might be a beneficial way to go. The system you choose should have features like a multi-stage compressor or adjustable fan speed. However, does a high-efficiency air conditioner considerably reduce your energy bills and provide adequate cooling? This question will be answered with an insider insight through this blog.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioner – Better or Worse?

High-efficiency air conditioners are indeed slightly better than traditional air conditioners. These systems are designed to use the maximum level of electrical energy to provide cooling in the house. The SEER rating of a high-efficiency air conditioner is 28, making it phenomenally energy-efficient and reduces energy wastage. But is it equally cost-effective in terms of performance?

People tend to get confused between the performance and the efficiency rate of an air conditioner. The efficiency rate does not guarantee that the air conditioner will perform flawlessly all the time. Your new high-efficiency air conditioner might function just like your old system. Thus, high-efficiency air conditioners are a good option if you are looking for energy efficiency. It does not double your savings in any way. It is a great option if your old air conditioner robbed you through rising energy bills and you want an air conditioner that conserves that money.

The Secret To Getting The Best High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

More than a secret, it is a step that quite a lot of us consider right to skip. While purchasing an energy-efficient air conditioning system, hire HVAC professionals for guidance, installation, and air conditioning service near you. The “do-it-yourself” can turn out to be futile with the chances of choosing a system without much knowledge or faulty installation.

An HVAC professional has knowledge and information about all kinds of air conditioners and can help you suggest an air conditioner that will work perfectly with your space and budget. They install your system with the right tools, at the right location. To gain the best out of your air conditioning system, a technical mental and physical force is extremely important. They will help you choose the correct high-efficiency air conditioner that not only saves energy but also cools your space effectively.

Hire HVAC Professionals To Select The Perfect System

Air Technicians Inc. is an HVAC company, providing all kinds of services and assistance related to air conditioners and heating systems. To book an ac repair near you, contact us on (941) 764-8324 today!

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your AC Coils?

What will happen if you do not take a bath daily? Or if you do not brush your teeth daily?

Something similar is going to happen when you don’t clean your AC coils.

Cleaning AC coils is just as important as taking a bath or brushing your teeth. And if not done it can be a great deal. Living without AC in summers is just like a nightmare, and why experience it when you have air conditioning repair north port fl.

Below are the harms that you are doing to your AC if you are not cleaning its coils regularly. While if you have already done this to your AC, ac service, in north port fl can help you out. If you do not clean your AC coils regularly you are indirectly planning your AC’s demise.

1. Dust Jams
Not cleaning the AC coils regularly may result in the collection of a lot of dirt and dust particles all around the internal system of the air conditioner. This dirt can also enter the moving parts such as fan motors and valves, which may eventually lead to the burnout of the whole system. Since a choked system will require a lot of power to work, it can lead to the destruction of the AC.

2. Freezing Up
If your AC is not giving out the soothing chill air, then surely something is wrong with it. One reason behind this would be the freezing up of the coils. The dust collected in the system might have stopped the flow of air, which caused the freezing of ice in the coils. These frozen coils can affect the entire system of the air conditioner, which may lead to its malfunctioning.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality
Having poor air quality might be a result of a bad air conditioner. Filters that are clogged can cause allergies, build up in the duct system, which subsequently releases into the air you breathe every time the system is turned on. Apart from this poor air quality can also cause you several other problems like breathlessness and high stress levels.

4. Overheating
When the condenser coil becomes filthy, it obstructs heat transmission, which is necessary for effective cooling. It makes the compressor work harder, raising the total operating temperature of the device and decreasing its life over time. All this is a result of dirty AC coils and can lead to the overheating of the system.

As a consequence, it’s a good idea to change or upgrade your air filter right now. It simply takes a few minutes and has a tremendous impact.

Do you require servicing or maintenance for your air conditioning system? You’ve arrived at the correct location.

Air Technician Incorporated has the combined expertise, and no task is too large or little for them. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 941-764-8324.

Why Do AC Contactors Go Bad?

In Florida, you never desire to encounter cooling or heating issues – particularly when you’re not even running your HVAC system. However, in opposition to prevalent thinking, the cold weather months do bring crisp evenings. That is the point at which you switch on your warmth to keep your home agreeable. However, how would it be a good idea for you to respond if your AC neglects to turn on or makes a gabbing commotion? The issue could be your AC contactor. For all your air conditioning services in Port Charlotte, visit AirTech inc.

What is an AC Contactor?

An AC contactor is an electrical transmitter that transfers data to different pieces of the cooling system. It’s a switch that transfers the electrical power to an alternate circuit. When you set your AC unit to cool or heat your home, the contactor volt side and load side make a connection.

Terrible AC Contactor symptoms

Regardless of whether your AC contactor is defective or flopping totally, there are a couple of signs to remember. These terrible AC contactor signs may include –

1. Murmuring

At the point when your AC is on, it’s anything but a murmuring sound – at the same time, it will not control on. It can likewise be a sign of frail loops or grimy contacts.

2. Babbling

At the point when the contacts are grimy or the curl has gotten powerless, you may hear the unclogged make a jabbering sound. That is because the unclogged is attempting to connect yet can’t do as such totally.

3. Liquefying

In uncommon cases, your contactor can overheat – making the plastic embellishment or packaging melt off. For this situation, your contractor should be supplanted right away.

Instructions to Test an AC Contactor

If your AC framework is making a murmuring or babbling clamor, you can test whether the issue is with your contractor or an alternate part. To securely test your contractor, you’ll need the accompanying apparatuses –

  • Screwdriver
  • Multimeter
  • Telephone or Camera

Stage 1

Turn off the power. It will dispose of your danger of electric shock.

Stage 2

Unscrew the side cover. Utilize your screwdriver to remove the side cover so you can see the contactor and compare wires.

Stage 3

Snap a photo. You’ll need to see where each wire is connected.

Stage 4

Utilizing your screwdriver, remove the contactor from the unit. Once the contactor has been removed, cautiously unplug the wires.

Stage 5

Test the contactor. Set your multimeter to the OL setting. Interface the multimeter to the low volt terminals on the two sides of the contact. If the contactor is working satisfactorily, the perusing will show somewhere in the range of 5 and 20 volts.

Stage 6

If your contractor is still not working. Replace the contactor or call an HVAC specialist to replace your contactor. You can contact us for all your AC services in Port Charlotte for the best professional guidance for your HVAC system.

What Size Air Conditioner is The Right Fit For Your Home?

When purchasing a new AC, it’s anything but a proper size to deal with your cooling needs. Be that as it may, how would you decide the right AC unit size you need to cool your home productively?

To begin with, how about we see how air conditioning system sizes are determined. An AC unit’s cooling limit is estimated in tons based on the number of British Thermal Units (BTU) it can eliminate inside 60 minutes. For instance, a one-ton unit can eliminate 12,000 BTU, and a two-ton unit can eliminate 24,000 BTU, and so on. These start at 1.5 tons and go up in half-ton increments. You can utilize some broad rules depending on the area of your home to get an approximate unit size you may require.

If you live in Florida, don’t tackle all these difficulties yourself. Just type air conditioning service near me, and we will help you determine the perfect AC size for your home.

Things to Consider Before Settling on an AC Size

  • The measure of insulation in your home is a key consideration since it can influence your home’s capacity to keep up with its temperature. If your home is all around insulated, you probably will not require as much heating or cooling limit contrasted with one with helpless protection.
  • Another undeniable factor is the environment that your house is in. The Florida state of the USA generally stays quite warm throughout the year, so having a proper sized AC will only add to your comfort.
  • Some different components that impact the size of the air conditioning system that you will require incorporate what kind of lighting you have, how much lighting you have, your sort and amount of ducting, the number of windows and their proficiency, the heat transfer between the dividers, the number of bay windows, the measure of individuals in your home, the sort of establishment your home has, how much the heat transfer through, just as a few different elements.
  • Or you could just search for AC repair near me in Florida for the best in ACs at AirTech inc.

How do I calculate the size of the air conditioner required?

There are mainly 3 methods by which you can calculate the size but, some of them may not be very accurate –

1. By Formula

  • Length of the room – L feet
  • Width of the room – W feet
  • Size of AC required – L*W*25

This would give you a minimum size of AC required but is very rough and doesn’t consider every room component.

2. By using Online Calculator

It can also be very useful. It can consider various other factors like the weather in your area also.

3. By calling a Professional

The most exact approach to finding the cooling limit you will require for your house is by getting an expert to come in and calculate it.

You can also search for an air conditioning service near me to help you find a professional in your area.

How Much Should An AC Maintenance Cost

Living at a place where the temperature rises too much during the summer would mean that efficiently functioning air conditioners are necessary. We wouldn’t want our air conditioner to stop working in the middle of the season. To make it less likely that our appliance shuts down out of nowhere, it is advised that we have a regular session of AC service in North Port, FL, at least once every year.

Air Conditioning Maintenance cost

Before booking an AC maintenance session by a professional, it is best to have a basic idea of the cost of AC maintenance. The cost of maintenance happens to be one of the most valuable investments at your home. When it comes to AC service in North Port, FL, it might cost as low as $75 if works like simple filter cleaning are required. At the same time, the charges may surge up to $360 if the refrigerant recharge is required.

On average, the general cost for air conditioning maintenance would range somewhere between $100 to $150. However, the price may vary based on task, project, type of unit, etc.

AC Maintenance By Project and Task

The cost of AC service in North Port, FL, would differ based on the type of project you opt for and the add-on tasks you take. On average, the simple cleaning and changing the filter can cost you as low as $75, cleaning and tune-up, along with the inspection, and minor replacement might range somewhere around $125. The cost for projects including refrigerant charging can go as high as $360.

On top of the cost of normal maintenance, various specific add-ons can also be opted for, ranging from as low as $25 to as high as $1000.

AC Maintenance Cost by Type of Unit

The type of air conditioning unit you have at your place also determines the cost of maintenance. The price change is because different types of units have different parts which are required for functioning. As a result, the method used for the cleaning would be different for different units. The price range would lie somewhere between $50 to $400 depending on the type of unit you have. While the maintenance cost for portable AC would range somewhere between $50 to $85, the ductless mini-split AC might require a maintenance cost ranging between $200 to $400.

  • Portable AC -> $50 – $85
  • Window AC -> $50 – $100
  • Central Air -> $85 – $150
  • Packaged Unit -> $90 – $200
  • Swamp Cooler -> $100 – $150
  • Geothermal -> $175 – $350
  • Ductless Mini Split -> $200 – $400

AC Maintenance Cost as Per Frequency Plan

The cost of your maintenance plan depends greatly on the frequency of your visits. Regular maintenance increases the life of the appliance and also helps in the reduction of the cost of maintenance per visit. The maintenance plan might range from $75 per visit in the quarterly maintenance plan to $250 per visit in the annual maintenance plan.

Looking for air conditioning repair in North Port, FL, or AC service in North Port, FL? Reach out to us at https://www.airtechacandelectric.com/ or call us at (941)-764-8324.

Can A Dirty Filter Stop AC From Working?

Air conditioners have become one of the most significant household appliances. Summer and spring are the busiest seasons for them. However, they must be well maintained due to their extensive use. What exactly are filters, and how do they affect an air conditioner? Where can you find air conditioning services in Port Charlotte?

What Are Air Conditioner Filters?

The primary function of an AC filter is to remove solid impurities such as smoke, pollen, dust, grease, and pollen from the air supply, resulting in better air quality. These filters trap the impurities and release cold air into the room.

Why Do Air Conditioner Filters Get Dirty So Easily?

A lot of factors can contribute to the dirt that accumulates on your air filters. However, the most common reasons for dirty and clogged air filters are;

1. Wrong Size

The size of your filter can affect the dirt on your filters. For example, a one-inch pleated filter is very prone to dirt and debris. These filters are designed to trap all types of impurities and contaminants. Replacing these filters with a disposable fiberglass filter can be more effective.

2. Wrong Setting

When an air conditioner is turned on, the thermostat fan runs continuously. The air filters become dirty much faster than usual as a result of this. If you set your thermostat fan to auto, you can save a lot of money by increasing the efficiency of your air conditioner.

3. Leaky Ducts

Air conditioner filters can get clogged due to leaky ducts. Apart from this, leaky ducts can also reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. As a result of this, you tend to spend a lot of money. A professional from an AC service in Port Charlotte can seal these ducts to ensure no air escapes through them.

4. Pets

Pet owners tend to face a lot more issues with air filters. A reason for this is that pets shed fur. The fur gets accumulated on these air filters causing them to clog up faster. An air conditioning service at Port Charlotte can ensure cleaning and replacing these filters.

Can A Dirty Filter Stop AC From Working?

Dirty filters can deteriorate the condition of your air conditioner. Air filters must be cleaned regularly to ensure that the efficiency of your air conditioner increases. Since dirty air conditioners consume a lot of energy, it leads to high energy bills.

An air conditioner can cease to work if the filters become clogged too frequently. To extend the life of your air conditioner, you should have these filters repaired or cleaned at least once a month by a repair professional. Regular maintenance for your air conditioner can significantly improve efficiency as well as reduce future costs.

Air Technicians Inc. is an AC service in Port Charlotte specializing in maintenance and giving you the best experience through our indoor air quality services. Our experts can give your air conditioner the repair it needs and replace the filters to promote better airflow and save you from allergens. Reach out to us at (941) 764-8324.