Life is good while you are indoors enjoying the cool air of your air conditioner. It is in such times that your air conditioner decides to stall and shuts down. Before contemplating all the possible issues causing your air conditioner to break down, look for a blown fuse.

By and large, a blown fuse causes the system to stop blowing cold air and give out a humming noise. The fuse of an air conditioner is similar to the circuit breaker of an electrical panel. To get the blown fuse of your air conditioner repaired at the hands of a professional, look for an AC repair in Port Charlotte or an AC replacement in Port Charlotte.

What Causes The AC Fuse To Blow?

Utilization of any electrical appliances, with no rest for the system, causes it to break down. During summers, when the temperature is hot beyond limits, the air conditioner struggles to maintain the cool temperature in your home. When the air conditioner is constantly working, the load on the system increases, heating the units past the tolerance level.

To prevent the AC system from having any permanent damage due to overusing and overheating, the fuse blows or the circuit breaker trips. A blown fuse is a precautionary measure by the system to prevent any damage to the machinery.

In case of extreme heating of the system or power surge, the filament within the fuse melts, as the fuse is sensitive to heat. When the filament of the fuse melts, it causes the fuse to blow. When the fuse blows, it reduces the damage to the system by cutting its power supply.

The design of a fuse enables it to withstand a load of specified amperes only. When the voltage increases beyond the amperage capacity, it causes the fuse to blow.

How To Tell If The AC Fuse Is Blown?

The first thing you might notice if the fuse of the air conditioner is blown is that the outdoor unit of the system stops functioning. When the furnace expects the AC to keep running despite the lack of power, it might cause a slight humming noise. While looking for any other reasons for a blown fuse, the minor humming noise is the extent.

How To Check For A Blown Fuse?

If you do not have a basic understanding of the electrical system of an air conditioner, checking for a blown fuse yourself might be risky. In most cases, current will still be flowing through the wires, and if handled carelessly, you might get a shock or a strong jolt. Well-known HVAC companies advise getting professional help in such situations. Look for AC repair in Port Charlotte or AC replacement in Port Charlotte for a visit from a reliable technician.

If you are trying to decipher the problem yourself, ensure to take the necessary precautions and safety protocols.
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